Funeral Final Wishes and Funeral Planning

Establishing your Funeral Final Wishes maybe the last thing it has crossed your mind. Or perhaps you have already discussed it with your spouse and children.The reality is that most people do not prepare for that final moment, and families end up experiencing a tremendous amount of financial and emotional stress when a family member dies. Our Funeral Insurance program includes Free Funeral Planning with your Final wishes to make sure all the details of you  funeral are established ahead of time. Our Final Wishes Plan includes details of your funeral wishes, as well as a guide to help you establish your legacy with details and instructions on how you would  like to be remembered.

 IMPORTANT: A Final Wishes Plan is not a legal document and it is highly recommended that you also establish a will, a power of attorney, a health directive, and other important estate planning documents that only an attorney can provide.

3 main steps when establishing your final wishes

1.  Your  funeral wishes  must be in a writing separate from your will or trust
The best way to let your loved ones know about your funeral wishes is to write down a list of specific instructions in a document called  a Funeral Wishes Plan o End-of-Life-Plan. In this document you will establish details about  your funeral describing  whether you want a traditional funeral or memorial service; whether you want a gathering of friends and family; whether you want to be cremated, and, if so, where you would like your ashes to be  stored or disposed of; and if you want to be buried and where.

2. Use an  online service to document your funeral wishes. Our FREE Funeral Planning membership will give you access to theses types of final wishes planning services online .You will be able to electronically archive your funeral wishes and we will also mail you a hard copy of all  your documentation  so you can share it with your loved ones.

3. Talk to your loved ones about your funeral wishes.
Most people we talk to  share with us their concern about their funeral wishes. It is one the most  difficult subjects to discuss with family members. This is why we have put together this program, so you can give your family members copies of you final wishes plan as well as  full access online and instructions on what do and who to call when you pass away.This will go a long way to ease stress and anxiety during this difficult time and give your loved ones peace of mind