Funeral planning with your Final Wishes

Funeral planning is the process of creating your end-of-life plan with your final wishes, including your plan to pay for your funeral expenses. This planning contains details on how  your family will spend the Funeral Expense insurance benefits on your funeral, including: Funeral service, Cemetery Service fees,Cemetery Property, Casket, urn, flower arrangements, religious services, transportation expenses, etc.. Funeral planning is your gift to your family and loved ones so they will not be burdened by the expense of your departure at a time when they are grieving your loss. Your plan can be started anytime by calling our 24-hour hotline.  Our Funeral Expense Insurance plan will provide the cash benefit upon your  passing, ensuring your funeral is funded. 

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Benefits you obtain with our Funeral Planning Membership

  • Guidance for your family through the funeral planning process to help them make the most informed decisions when planning a funeral service.

  • Assistance to  grieving families with any unexpected tasks that may arise, from making travel and hotel reservations, to locating bereavement counseling centers nearby.

  • Our Advisors are experts in the Funeral Rule of 1984 (FTC) and they make sure your consumer rights are protected when dealing with a funeral home. 

  • Your Final Wishes Plan  is archived electronically, and you and your family have access to this private secure portal online  anytime.

  • Assistance to help your  family create a dignified memorial service, while also helping them avoid overspending in the midst of grief by reviewing the funeral price with the family.

  • Our Funeral Planning advisers are available 24/7 and can contact  funeral homes to evaluate service options to give you the service you want, while potentially saving a family and loved ones thousands of dollars.