Cremation  Insurance   and Funeral with your Final Wishes

Cremation  Insurance is  a Funeral  Insurance designed to pay for your cremation expenses. Given the luxury of time and affordability, one can choose from having Direct Cremation, having a  Memorial service, or having a complete funeral  with  rental casket and viewing.  We not  only help you cover your funeral and cremation expenses, we also offer  FREE Funeral Planning with your Final Wishes  to ease the stress and confusion  when you lose a loved one. Cremation expenses are on the rise. Start paying today and plan for tomorrow.

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Why people choose cremation?

Some choose to be cremated because it is less expensive than a traditional burial, the urn (ashes container) can be kept in a loved one’s home. When paying for the cost of a cremation, you should consider taking out a Cremation Insurance Plan to help you cover the cost of the cremation, a funeral service, (should you choose one), and other related charges. Cremation also give you a lot of flexibility with time and preparation. It allows for family members to gather peacefully and celebrate the life of the loved one without the stress and complexity of a traditional burial.

A Funeral with Cremation is considered a great advantage for a number of reasons:

  1.    It entails a cheaper funeral , especially if there's no coffin, embalming or viewing.
  2.    It saves on interment and burial fees, and can eliminate the need for a casket and the  purchase of land
  3.    It's faster and more convenient.
  4.    Being cremated leaves less of a carbon footprint on the earth.  

" Some consider it the ultimate freedom to have their ashes scattered over land or sea. Cremation is a great alternative memorial for someone who perhaps took joy in the water or the wind " 

An Appealing Alternative
Some people consider traditional burial to be unappealing. The notion of cremation could offer a more acceptable alternative to dealing with death and the issues of burial and interment . 

Other Decisions

If you're considering cremation, you'll have a number of decisions to make. You'll need to be aware of the medical and scientific issues , and also the   legal issues involved. You'll also have to make decisions regarding columbaria, urn gardens and scattering sites.

Preparing for Cremation
US consumers need to be aware of the Funeral Rule, and know that all its provisions apply to cremation as well. For example, the law doesn't require embalming before cremation, nor does it require the use of a casket. Knowledge of the Funeral Rule and how it can be applied to cremation  is  a great advantage and it will help you save money and make choices that are best suited to your situation.