Burial Insurance can help you pay for your burial expenses

Burial Insurance  policy  can cover much of your burial and funeral expenses, for example: Funeral services, burial plot,casket,body transport,  headstone, flowers, etc... 

The cost of a funeral can vary, but a traditional burial can range anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 in funeral and burial expenses. Burial Insurance  can protect your family from untimely burial and funeral expenses that occur when you lose a loved one. It not only covers the financial aspect of a funeral, but  also helps you create a customized funeral plan with your own personal final wishes  through a FREE Funeral Planning membership.  When the time comes to prepare for your funeral and burial, it is important for your family to know that they are carrying out your funeral service the way you always wanted.  

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Benefits of our Burial Insurance Plans

  •  Available for Ages 0 to 85

  •  Up to  $40,000 of Whole Life Insurance Benefit

  •  Builds Cash Value

  • Single Pay, 10 Pay and 20 Pay Plans

  •  No Medical Exam

 (approval is based on answers to Questions on Application)

  •  Additional  Benefit for Terminal Illness and Accidental Death 

  •  Premiums Never Increase and Benefits Never Decrease 

  •  Free Funeral Planning membership 

A burial Insurance  policy is a type of life insurance designed to help you pay for your funeral  expenses.  There are many companies offering many options when it comes to Final Expense insurance. However, very few have the additional benefits  our Burial insurance plan offer.  By having access to our 24 Hour Funeral Assistance and Planning  Service, your loved ones will be able to handle grieving peacefully knowing an expert is helping them carry out your final wishes.  Gain the peace of mind your family deserves  and obtain a Burial Insurance Plan today!